The Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) Document, outlines the business terms between you or the business you represent and YS consultants.

These T&Cs are to be read and incorporated as an integral part of the Services Business Solution Agreement (the Agreement) which is available online and therefore should be read in conjunction with the Agreement.  Any breach in the T&Cs Document would automatically constitute a breach of contract with the Agreement.

This document expressly supersedes prior agreements or arrangements, in writing and verbally, between the Parties unless expressly agreed otherwise between the Parties.

As used in this document, “we,” “us,”, “our” and “YS Consultants” means Dot2Dot and any of its applicable Affiliates, and “you” means the applicant (if registering for or using our service as an individual), or the business employing the applicant (if registering for or using our service as a business), “the Seller” and any of its designated representative or affiliates.

(Altogether referred to as “Parties”).

We work as an agent on behalf of the Sellers under the terms & conditions set hereunder:

  1. Product listing needs to be in place that has product description, product price, product picture, initial product quantity, etc. in a prescribed format. (We can provide support to the Seller in order to create and upload the Product listings on Dot2Dot, the Platform). The listing can be updated from time to time with additional and or updated information.
  2. Dot2Dot shall list the Product on the Platform along with the product description and images at a mutually pre-agreed List Price.
  3. Once the order is placed, our Representative shall confirm the order details and product availability with your Nominated person. Order status shall remain as “Pending” till then.
  4. Our representative shall coordinate with you to confirm the order pick-up time for delivery to the customer (within 1 hour from the order placement). After confirmation, the order status shall be marked as “In-Process”.
  5. The Seller shall be obliged to process and package each order within the mutually agreed time. In case of any delay, the Seller shall immediately inform us.
  6. Our Representative will only carry out a basic product check, (e.g. size, type, colour, as applicable, as per the customer’s order) and ensure the invoice is also attached. Once satisfied, he shall put the shipping label on the package, pay for the product (only under Cash-on-Collection (CoC) term in our Premium Package), and take it for delivery. The order status shall be marked as “Delivery in process”. The Seller is responsible for preparing the product as per the customer order confirmed through our representative (please refer point 3).
  7. Please note that all the risk and rewards associated with the product shall be that of the Seller till the successful delivery of the order at which point the title and ownership shall be transferred to the Customer. On successful delivery, the order status shall be marked as “Delivered”.
  8. In case, if the product gets damaged during the delivery process, the Product shall be considered as the property of Dot2Dot.
  9. Our invoice shall be issued with respect to the service commission amount for each transaction as per the Commission Schedule. The commission is calculated as a percentage of sales price inclusive of taxes and shall be deducted at the time of making payment to the Seller. (i.e. at the time product is collected for delivery to the customer, please refer to point 6 ) .
  1. Depending on the Package opted by the Seller, the payment net of service commission amount (including the tax amount, as applicable) shall be paid to the Seller via cash payment/fund transfers).
  1. In the event of on-spot return (please refer to Return Policy), the product shall be returned to the Seller on the same day, who shall return the advance payment made by our representative (under Premium package). In an event where the On-spot return occurs at or after 8 pm, the product shall be returned on the next working day.
  2. In an event of other return cases (as per the Dot2Dot return policy), the Seller can check the product prior to collection from our Representative, once satisfied, shall return the payment/funds, to our Representative.
  3. A credit note for the service commission amount shall be issued against the service commission invoice within 12 hours of the return
  4. In order to avoid unnecessary product returns, a Customer Rating Mechanism shall be in place, which keeps us informed about the customers’ shopping behavior. This will enable us to deal with genuine customers only.
  5. Seller Rating Mechanism shall be in place to determine rankings. The Ratings shall be based on the operational performance (e.g. response time to customers’ orders/ dealing with Representatives etc.) and the customer reviews, primarily based on the product quality, pricing and other product-related information etc.).
  6. Any correspondence or communication received from or on behalf of the Seller shall be presumed to originate from and have been made with the approval of the Seller and we shall rely on such correspondence or communication.