Pakistan 1st Managed e-Commerce platform


Considering that e-commerce is relatively a new trend, there are certain aspects of the local e-commerce platform that needs to be examined, adjusted, and improved to achieve optimal balance. By doing this, we will be able to invest in and do our part in contributing to the growing e-commerce industry of Pakistan.

One of the ideas that we wanted to initiate, having immense potential is an e-commerce marketplace, we call it Dot2Dot.

Dot2Dot is an innovative shopping platform that aims to revolutionize the marketplace concept by focusing on small and medium-sized retailers who struggle to use the services provided by existing platforms. We understand the challenges these retailers face, such as order & fulfillment management, customer service management, and most importantly, cash management.

Our goal is to provide reliable and user-friendly services these business owners, which will help them to grow their businesses and establish an online footprint.

Our top priority at Dot2Dot is to provide a reliable, seamless service to our suppliers, making us their trusted business partner. At the same time, we also aim to deliver an outstanding shopping experience for consumers, by providing an easy and convenient way to shop.

To address the challenges faced by small and medium-sized local entrepreneurs, we realized that it was time to think outside the box and take action that could:

  • See through their concerns, be it improving the customer base, strategizing the e-commerce channel, and /or improving the supply chain efficiencies which could help in working capital management; and
  • Help in providing seamless and up-to-the-mark customer service that could improve the consumer lifestyle and meet their demand.

We work through every aspect at the planning.



YS consultants is a collaboration between two old friends, Yousuf Idris and Sohail Habib who met back in 1997 and are friends since then. After our college, we went apart to our different courses. Yousuf pursued IT degree and Sohail went to become a Chartered Accountant. Although, they were always in touch but never thought the friendship would morph into a trusted partnership.

On Sohail’s return to Pakistan after almost 16 years, we decided to take on a new and ambitious venture which could not only help us to establish a successful business but also doing something sustainable that contributes to the thriving start-up ecosystem of Pakistan.

It was time to put into play, all the experience we have had in providing services to multiple corporations together with the knowledge of global e-commerce advancements, we came up with an idea called  Dot2Dot.

Dot2Dot is a shopping platform that gives a fresh concept focusing mainly on small retailers and new entrepreneurs providing them an unprecedented service. At the same time, an amazing shopping experience for consumers.

“With Dot2Dot, we aim to make a lasting impact that people will remember.”


Our target is to provide customers an alternative B2C platform striking the right balance between the customers and the business entrepreneurs and that offering optimal advantage to both.

Ease of business on one side & pleasant shopping experience on the other


Aim at empowering the youth to maximize their potential &

Contribute to Pakistan’s IT Startup Ecosystem



DIGITAL MALL is an innovative online-store platform that helps small businesses to sell their products and services.
A lot of small businesses do not have their own website or online store, and they often just sell things on Facebook or WhatsApp.
Digital Mall is here to help them set up their own online store.
We will manage the online store by putting up pictures of what you sell, so customers can easily find and buy what they want.

With Digital Mall, small businesses can reach more people than ever before

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